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Painting the exterior of your home can not only give you a kerbside wow effect and add value, but it can also give your home a layer of protection. Wellington can experience some of the harshest weather, with strong winds and heavy rainfall, so keeping rot and mould away is important. Exterior paint is designed to withstand the harsh sunlight, temperature changes and moisture of the outside world. In order to ensure your paint job stands the test of time, the surface being painted must be properly primed and prepared. This is where our experience of choosing the best quality paints and using the best techniques come into play. Depending on the cladding of your home, there are different painting and staining options available.

Exterior wash, wall repair and preparation

Exterior cladding, soffits and facia boards, windows, gutters and pergolas

Staining and painting options available

Touch ups, partial jobs and complete makeovers

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